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Genuine Stone and Engineered Quartz are such diverse materials, not only can they be used as kitchen or vanity countertops, or as flooring, they can also be fabricated into unique pieces of furniture for the inside or outside of your home.

Granite or Quartz dining tables and side tables can really help make a statement and transform a simple family room into something with style and sophistication. With stone colour options so diverse, you can achieve the look you are after.

Granite and Quartz are both very durable and long lasting; therefore, it is an ideal material to incorporate into some outdoor furniture. Creating outdoor kitchens, tables and sitting areas out of genuine stone not only enhance the look of your garden but are also able to deal with our northern climate!

The furniture displayed here is representative of our custom work, and we can create beautiful and practical one-of-a-kind pieces just for you.

All products of nature, stone samples are intended to represent the quarry’s product. However, the material quarried at one time may differ slightly in colour and veining from a sample or photograph. Even a single granite slab will possess a certain amount of colour variation from one end to the other. Many consumers welcome this variation of natural stone. Because of the unique qualities of natural stone, we recommend viewing real samples of current in-stock material.

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