Customize Your Countertop

Your granite or quartz countertops are diamond polished and finished with a variety of different edge options to suit your taste and style. At Northern Marble & Granite, these edge finishes are included in your price.

Flat Eased Edge

Contemporary and classic, the Flat Eased Edge is our most popular countertop edge finish. Clean and crisp, the Flat Eased Edge lets the stone speak for itself.

A NMG custom flat eased edge

Ogee Edge

A “dressier” edge, Ogee is a classic profile, adding a touch of elegance in a traditional decor, instantly transforming your entire project into a piece of furniture.

A NMG custom ogee edge
Northern Marble & Granite - Ogee Edge Profile

Waterfall Edge

This simple and bold edge is recommended for high traffic areas, busy households and commercial environments.

A NMG custom Bullnose edge
Northern Marble & Granite - Waterfall Edge Profile

Bevel Edge

The linear look of this edge style picks up the light with its angle and is an unfussy edge with pizazz. Works well in both contemporary and traditional designs.

A NMG custom bevel edge
Northern Marble & Granite - Bevel edge profile

3/8″ Radius Edge

A softer version of the Flat Eased, the 3/8″ Radius keeps the edge thick and the angle smooth.

A NMG custom 3/8" Radius edge
Northern Marble & Granite - 3/8" Radius Edge Profile

Bullnose Edge

More traditional, the bullnose edge is sometimes referred to as the Full Waterfall. With the curve at both the top and bottom of the edge, the bullnose gives the countertop edge a thinner finish.

A NMG custom Bullnose edge
Northern Marble & Granite - Bullnose Edge Profile